Network Stuff is an open source application to perform network operations. It includes TCP or UDP telnet, ping and traceroute, DNS resolver, Whois, Arp, stats and TCP/UDP/IP tables (iphelper functions), TCP/UDP/ICMP/CGI multithreaded scan (TCP and CGI scan could be done throw HTTP or socks proxy), raw packet capture (multiple options including application name), raw packet forging, wake on LAN and Remote Shutdown, and interactive TCP or UDP Transparent Proxy.To make a telnet just use TCP client on remote port 23, and if you want to open a telnet on different port, just create a new TCP client on that port and check the option "telnet". To ping click on "ICMP" Tab then just click on "ping" and to make a traceroute click on "trace". Click on "DNS" Tab, enter the name or IP of host to resolve and then click "DNS Resolve" to get host address (DNS resolve), retrieve a MAC address on remote host, view or close active TCP connections (or end process of TCP connection owner), view active UDP servers, TCP stats, UDP stats, and ICMP stats, view or modify IP table, make CGI scan, TCP scan, UDP scan, and ICMP scan, and make TCP or CGI scan throw proxy.
License Free
File Size 402.6 kB
Version 3.0.9
Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows 2000
System Requirements Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1