Visual Protocol Analyzer

Visual Protocol Analyzer is a protocol analysis platform which can provide you the following powerful features: 1) Realtime packet capture from the network interface card of your desktop or laptorp. 2) Decoding for the captured data flow and do data analysis/drill down for example call trace , flow trace, KPI(Key Performance Indicator) etc. 3) Visualization for everything you can see for example, the protocol stack, call trace data flow, and KPI etc 4) Industrial leading filter by which you can filter the data with any protocol and any field and very easy to use 5) Industrail leading decoding view, any protocol and any field can be added into the column of decoding message overview 6) Support large size of traffic file storage which can be nGB bytes and fast access to the traffic file. 7) All the data analysis results are retrospective . 8) Highly intergrated with the open PSN.1 and other SymDEK's protocol analzyer development tool sets,so you can develop your own proprietary protocol analyzer very quickly. 9) Highly flexible architecture so customization based on Visual Protocol Analyzer is very easy. The following customization can be implemented just by xml description without any C/C++ code: a) Call/flow trace b) KPI analysis You can also develop your own plugin including backend engine and GUI plugin to meet your protocol analysis requirement. With the build-in basic Ethernet monitoring solution, Visual Protocol Analyzer can help you: 1) Visualize your network 2) Speed up the troubleshooting for network issues 3) Measure the performance of network 4) Monitor communication protocol especially your propietary protocol to help you develop your comuniation applications.
Price USD 99
License Free to try
File Size 13.41 MB
Version 1.0.0
Operating System Windows Windows XP Windows 7
System Requirements WinPcap 4