TCP Ports Monitor & Alert

1. TCP Ports Monitoring with SMS / E-mail / Sound Alert for Applications, Services, Servers and DataBase 2. 7x24 keep watching your applications like FTP port(21), SSH(22), TELN(23), SMTP(25), DNS(53), WWW(80), POP3(110), IMAP(443), MS SQL(1433), Oracle SQL(1521), MYSQL(3306) or self defined port number 3. Start Monitoring When Program started 4. When Down / Timeout from Alive will trigger program, send mail or send SMS once 5. When Back to Alive from Down / Timeout will trigger program, send mail or send SMS once 6. E-mail / SMS alert will only be sent once when connecting to port of the host is Down / Timeout from Alive or Back to Alive from Down / Timeout 7. You will receive SMS / E-mail alert when Down--Alive status change, the alert SMS / E-mail text as 21 Down(11:09:34) "Google FTP" or 3306 ALIVE(00:57:44) "MYSQL" Back to Alive 8. Allows you to set up consecutive timeout number. SMS / Mail alert sends only when timeout # meet the setting. It will be very precise to let you know when is down and when is up.
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