Torpedo LE

The "lite" version of the international award-winning Torpedo HTML Editor, allows you to create, edit, and upload HTML pages directly from your Palm OS® device. Torpedo LE has less features than its big brother program but still all the Torpedo power. Torpedo LE allows: HTML/ASP/JSP/CFM/XML/PHP/TXT Support- Edit any ASCII text file in Torpedo. Torpedo Generators - The original, award-winning code generation tools for the Palm OS®. Torpedo LE's generators will create the most common HTML tags for you, whether it's a hyperlink or a Font Color. Custom Tag List - If Torpedo doesn't have a generator for it, write your own. A Custom Tag Database allows any user to create their own tag generator. You can also download Custom Tag Lists from Pine Tree Software's website for your convenience. Built-In JavaScript/VBScript Editor- Write your own JavaScript or VBScript directly in Torpedo LE. Memo Pad Import/Export Support- Import Memos into Torpedo LE for editing (up to 32k!), or export them for upload or preview using Laurent Thaler's LFTP or iLinx's Palmscape (bundled with Torpedo Standard). Also, upload them to the desktop by using the Memo Pad. Color Support- Torpedo also supports color for ease of use. Full Cut/Copy/Paste/Undo Functions - Just like your favorite desktop HTML Editor. WYSIWYN Interface - WYSIWYN (What You See Is What You Need) Interface- you see the HTML code- no bloated code that's virtually unreadable by human eyes. External Keyboard Support- Torpedo LE has support for all clip-on keyboards, including the Palm Portable Keyboard, Targus Stowaway, and LandWare GoType.
File Size44.92 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li> Palm III <li> Palm OS 3.0


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