Now you can bring your HTML documents with you to make edits to your web sites on the go with PHTML. Imagine being able to work on your web site while on the airplane without having to bring a large, heavy laptop, or on a train on the way to work. PHTML makes all this possible, and for the one low price of $18.95 (which includes free upgrades for life! Features File Format Flexability - Edit any type of ASCII file, from HTML to VBScript. Categories - Categorize your saved HTML documents. Wizards - Wizards help you generate the code you want faster and more easily: just fill in the blanks, and PHTML does the rest of the work! Wizards include a font wizard, table wizard, script wizard, and others. Insert Tag - PHTML's Insert Tag button gives you access to many of HTML's tags with the tap of a stylus. Simply tap the button, tap the tag's category, then tap the tag's name, and it is inserted into the HTML document. Custom Tag List - Have a tag you use a lot that isn't in the Insert Tag list? Add it to the Custom tag category with PHTML's easy custom tag editor. Smart Tag Insert - Select some text, tap on Insert Tag->Bold, and the selected text will be surrounded with tags, or any other tag from the Insert Tag or Custom tag list! MemoPad Import/Export Capability - PHTML allows you to easily export your HTML documents to MemoPad for synchronization with your home computer, previewing your web site on your Palm with iLinx's PalmScape, or for uploading your HTML documents through LFtp (both of which are bundled with the registered version of PHTML). Importing memos is also supported for synchronization purposes. Quick Tag Buttons - In the HTML edit view there are two buttons for quickly inserting or tags. External Keyboard Support - PHTML works with any external keyboards, including the Palm or Visor Stowaway keyboards, or LandWare's GoType keyboard. Wireless or Wired Uploading - LFtp, a free FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application bundled with PHTML, allows you to upload your HTML documents from your Palm, without being at your home computer! If you have a wireless modem, a wired modem that connects to a wall, or Palm's Mobile Internet Kit for connection to your web-enabled cellphone, then you can use LFtp. Offline Preview - Preview your exported HTML documents using PalmScape, a Palm color web browser. The demo version comes bundled with the full version of PHTML. Beamable Code - Beam your exported HTML documents to others. PalmOS 2.0+ PHTML works on all Palms running PalmOS version 2.0 and up (only very old devices use PalmOS 1.0). PHTML works with the newest PalmOS 4.0 as well. No Runtime - PHTML does not require any bulky, slow runtime file in order to be used.
File Size245.12 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements<li> PalmPilot Professional <li> Palm OS 2.0