Pleex for Windows Mobile

Do you remember the ache of no longer having your contacts nor content when you had a new mobile or when somebody stole it from you or else, when you lose your phone during a party or simply when you forgot it at home? Well, with Pleex, you will never experience that pain again. Pleex lets you back up all your mobile contacts and data: pictures, videos, music. And you can do all this without PC nor cables. You can also stay in touch with friends everywhere at anytime. You've just taken a funny picture of you and your friend and you want your friend to have it but you don't want to pay for a MMS? With Pleex,share it directly from your mobile to friends even if they don't have a Pleex account or to social networks such as Facebook, flickr,Picasa, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster. You can also import all your Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail contacts.
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Operating System Pocket PC 2000 Mobile Windows Mobile 2003 SE Windows Mobile 2003 Windows Mobile 6.x Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Windows Mobile Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 5.x Pocket PC 2002