Pchsoft 1-Click IPConfig

Are you a laptop user? Do you have multiple network adapters? Do you have multiple network connected simultaneously? Do you usually move from one network to another network? Then Pchsoft 1-Click IPConfig is the product for you. Whenever laptop user moves to different network, including laptop user has to change particular IP address, gateway address, subnet mask, DNS, etc., to particular network environment. In order to do it, he has to remember TCP/IP configurations of every network environment. Pchsoft 1-Click IPConfig clear that troublesome difficulties, it allows you to modify the IP address of your local machine with a single click. With Pchsoft 1-Click IPConfig, you don't need to change your computer's TCP/IP settings in Windows Network Property every time when you are connected to network. All you need is just to configure once any of your possible locations (e.g. IP addresses, Subnet masks, Gateways, DNS) in Pchsoft 1-Click IPConfig. And then, you just need to select a location(your desired configuration name) and Pchsoft 1-Click IPConfig will do for you the rest of changes in a moment without reboot. Features and benefits: 1. Multi IP Address Support; 2. TCP/IP Settings Change without Reboot; 3. Disable/Enable Network Adapter Support; 4. Available to Various Network Environment; 5. A Configuration can Include Settings for Multi-adapter; 6. Virtual Network Adapters Support (e.g. VMware Network Adapter); 7. Desktop Shortcut, My Network Places Context Menu, System Tray Icon Support;
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Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows