Fileusage is a utility for Netware networks which allows a server administrator to check which users have a file open. This is very useful when a shared application file needs updated, but the file is open, and you can't delete, rename or move it. Or, you may want to restore shared application or data files from backup, but can't overwrite them because they are in use. Fileusage allows you to see who has the files open, send a message to close the file, and cut their connection to the server. Novell's Client 32 automatically reconnects when a connection is cut, but Fileusage lets you disable logins to prevent reconnection, and enable logins when you're finished.
Price USD 20.7
License Free to try
File Size 2.06 MB
Version 2
Operating System Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows, Windows XP, Windows NT
System Requirements Windows 95/NT/2000/XP, Latest Novell client and VB5 run time files