Ping-Probe offers a comprehensive suite of ten top-quality networking tools. Each of the tools offers a modern interface with high performance, flexible functionality. All tools have a basic and an advanced interface. The advanced parameters allow for the fine tweaking of the tools functionality. Tools include Ping, Traceroute, TCP Port Scanner, Network Scanner, SNMP, Bandwidth Monitor, DNS, Finger, Whois & LDAP. Version 2 includes unspecified updates.
Price USD 38
License Free to try
File Size 2.99 MB
Version 2.0.1
Operating System Windows 2000 SP 2, Windows 2000 SP 4, Windows 2003 32-bit, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP SP 2, Windows 2000 SP 1, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows 2003, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Server 2008 x86, Windows Web Server 2008, Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 SP 3, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Advanced Server , Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Server 2003 x86 R2, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows XP SP 1, Windows 2003 SP 1, Windows, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista