What's on my network? Somebody has that file, but whom? I want to find all media on my entire network and store it centrally, but how do I find it? I'm suspicious there's inappropriate material on some of my workstations, but I don't have time to dig through every machine, what do I do? How many of my workstations have 'Application X' installed and do I have enough licenses for all of them? NFS LanScan is a powerful and flexible tool that can assist in monitoring network content, finding files, tracking application distribution, determining storage needs, etc. At the heart of NFS LanScan is a clientless search engine that sweeps through a network, recursing directory structures on selected servers and workstations finding the files specified within the interface. Report on results, results can be saved or exported, schedule scans during downtime. You need to know what's on your network and NetSeek has the answer.
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