MLIA Desktop Application

My Life is Average Desktop Application allows you to read the latest MLIA's straight from your desktop. Wondering how it works? It accesses the site, and grabs each page at a time. It can lag a little bit, but the lag time depends on your internet connection, as the lag is how long it takes your computer to access the download the MLIA's per page, but once the first 15 are downloaded, there should be no more lag. MLIA Desktop application was created by Haxaro, on behalf of, and is the best application avalible to read the latest MLIA's within seconds from your desktop. The thing that sets MLIA appart from others of its kind is that it has not released any public API, so there will not be too many apps avaliable for reading MLIA's from the desktop until the API is publicly released.
File Size119.62 kB
Operating System Windows