APO USB autorun is a small tool that detects USB drives connection. It searches for autorun.inf file and executes it if found. Direct browsing is available for any drive that has been plugged into USB port. Each drive has its own menu accessible through the tray icon. Files and directories are listed in the menu and you can specify what kind of files you want to be listed. Delay before autorun can be customized too. Version 1.5.2 APO Autorun.inf builder allows you to create a context menu that will be displayed when right-clicking onto the drive item in explorer Workstation panel. Additionally the drive will be added to APO Usb Autorun (which is launched if not already running). In that way, it offers a kind of [portable version] of APO Usb Autorun. With APO Starter you can specify whether you want to have a text file or a picture displayed when the drive icon is double-clicked (from explorer's Workstation view).
License Free
File Size 1.27 MB
Version 1.6.2
Operating System Windows NT Windows Windows XP Windows 2000