Folder Cruiser Pro puts an icon next to the clock on your computer; when you click on this icon, a user-configurable list of folders is displayed in a menu. When you select one of these items, the folder's contents will be displayed in a new menu. If a folder contains many items, Folder Cruiser Pro can sort and group these items by name. Instead of having a large menu to scroll through, you will see a smaller, organized, menu containing a list of letters. When you select one of these letters, a new menu is displayed showing only the items in the folder that begin with the selected letter. By knowing the name of a file, you can easily find it within a folder using this feature. From the menu in Folder Cruiser Pro, you can open any file or folder by double clicking it, and can use the Windows context menu for any item by right clicking on it.
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Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows Me