MessagEase is the fastest and most ergonomic text entry system for Palm. Also get MessagEaseST (see its review at and MessagEaseKB to optionally replace your palm keyboard and Graffiti. For Sony Clies: it paints the keyboard on Clie's virtual keyboard. MessagEase uses a revolutionary new keyboard design, making it easy and intuitive to enter all letters, numbers and special characters quickly and accurately. It also includes Memory facility and a very large buffer to empower you to edit large amount of text quickly and easily. With MessagEase you enter characters either by a single tap or a single drag on the screen. Since these keys are few (essentially only 9), they are larger (much larger than QWERTY keys), hence easier and more accurate to target. And since the letter arrangements are based on letter frequency tables, to enter text 71% of the time you'll do a single taps on main keys MessagEase is the results of two diligent man-years of effort. MessagEaseKB, enabling you to use MessagEase from any application, is also available and free to download. MessagEase comes with a game to speed up your acquaintance of this new way of entering text. It takes about 15 minutes to become familiar with MessagEase's new pattern. Another 15-30 minutes will enable you to enter text 2-3 times faster than Graffiti. MessagEase supports ALL characters found on a regular computer keyboard with a single drag of the pen, it also supports full ASCII 220 characters. MessagEase's technology is also applicable to other languages and alphabets. To demonstrate that, this program includes Japanese Katakana support! MessagEase sports a very large text buffer. See our users review! Download our free software! Judge for yourself!:
File Size32.23 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.1