With MarkedPub you can write in markdown virtually anywhere, with a possibility to convert it to a rich text format in-place or publish it as HTML. It enables you to use a word processor, email client or note-taking application of your choice, yet it frees you from fighting the formatting styles. Simplifies Working with Images and Links What makes MarkedPub different from other markdown processors is its ability to work with rich text format. The rich text may contain embedded images or links MarkedPub will use as an alternative to markdown's text-only syntax. This means an user is able to fully leverage an image-editing capabilities of an application such as Evernote or MS Word, while writing in markdown syntax. Powerful Publisher The markdown syntax has been designed for the web and so is MarkedPub. MarkedPub generates clean HTML markup with options to inline CSS styles and prepare images (crop, resize, substitute links) in such a way so that an user can copy&paste it into a blog or a website directly. Export to other common formats such as RTF, docx or PDF is possible as well. MarkedPub can publish posts and pages directly to the WordPress, thanks to its support for metaWeblog XMLPRC API.
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