Classified Simplified Pro

Classified Simplified Pro is an ad and MLS description writing program with over 18,000 phrases. Grouped by category, the program helps you write powerful, pleasing ads to sell to clients, or to describe a property in the MLS to entice other Realtors to show and sell the property. And don't forget--with putting all our listings on the Net now, the public sees our MLS descriptions, too! Very easy to learn and use. Phrases are compiled and can then be amended or added to. Track publications used, cost and response. The program automatically counts words and you can use a previous ad as the basis for a new one. Appealing ads for even those hard-to-describe "vanilla" houses. Categories include "Location," "Ambiance," "Land," "Price," and so on. Hundreds of phrases for each category and you can choose between all phrases or just the short ones! Don't sit for hours trying to come up with a new ad--let Classified Simplified Pro do the work for you! Priced normally at $199, Classified Simplified Pro is currently on sale at $179, with an even better price if purchased with Agent Business Builder.
Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
  • System 7 or higher