Take a look! MarkMyScriptures helps you make the most of all your non-proprietary** digital documents with a user-friendly interface and all of these great features: Quick Navigate: Our pre-indexed scripture files feature on-screen buttons and pull down menus that allow you to select the book, chapter and verse you want to view. Completing your selections places you at your destination automatically. Locate any passage in seconds! See our MakeMyScriptures page for information on creating additional indexed files! Underline: Underline text with your stylus and see it underlined on the screen. Now in color, including color highlighting and text! Black and white Palms®: variegated underline styles, and reverse highlighting! Notes: Tap the screen with your stylus to insert a note. (All notes and underlines are saved when you hot sync) Topics and Indexes: Organize your favorite scriptures for quick reference, or outline a lesson. Choose the "Add to Topics" option in the note dialog box and MarkMyScriptures copies that scripture to you topical list. Add notes or study references here too. Topics and indexes are saved when you hotsync. Copy a topical index to memo and print a hard copy with the Palm® desktop application.
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Version 2.4
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0 or higher