Have you ever written notes on your Palm while on the phone? No?But your hand writing already looks like "Graffiti"? TapType is the solution. Rapid text input by tapping on the Graffiti area - clearly arranged - adjusted to speech and ergonomics. Unrestricted access to Graffiti and the silk buttons and thus all the hacks as well. Your Palm still is the same - but you will work a lot more efficiently and faster. When you register, we'll send you 2x4 overlays by mail (s&h included). These are professionally printed on non-transparent coated plastic. They also serve as protection for the Graffiti area.The overlays come in two flavors that fit on all Palm III, Palm IIIc, Palm VII, Palm V, Visor, Workpad, and TRGpro devices.
LicenseFree to try
File Size163.71 kB
Operating System Mobile