We all know how important it sometimes is to spice up the documents with some graphics in order to attract the attention of the audience or to convey some information in a less boring way than a simple text. It can make a whole world of a difference. Jumsoft provides you with an opportunity to make your documents lively and attractive with 100 original high-quality cliparts for all occasions. Here you will find cliparts for any occasion: academic world, communications, people, entertainment, etc. The cliparts by Jumsoft are transparent (without a background) and can be used in many spheres from business to art and leisure. Suitable graphics are difficult to find, but Jumsoft cliparts have something to offer for each field. Professionally drawn the cliparts convey a formal enough atmosphere to be used in business presentations without fear of looking inappropriate. However, these cliparts are also great for fun activities, such as school presentations, invitations, posters, websites, newsletters, e-greetings, labels, notices, reminders or other occasions. Clipart categories include food, vehicles, interaction, entertainment, items used in business world, industry, etc. covering the high amplitude of themes. The cliparts are in .pdf format allowing you to effectively resize them without sacrificing the quality of the picture for the size. You can use the cliparts in Apple Keynote, MS Word, Power Point or other programs in need for graphics. The Jumsoft Pages Cliparts 2.0 are easy to use. Simply download them, open and insert them to the wanted documents. Make your presentations more colorful and your life more entertaining with the 100 high-quality cliparts.
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Version 6.0
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