Ekasis Easy Form

This program allows users to create and develop their own enterprise software professionally without any programming knowledge. In time, the ready-made packages that will grow over time with the contributions of the users will increase the attractiveness of the product. In a sense, this is a practical way to transfer Excel lists and corporate outputs used in enterprises to the software by establishing complex relationships between them. In this way, businesses who fail to find specific software for their own operations and use Excel as a temporary solution are now able to have an economical and functional software. With this software, everyone will be able to create their own office solutions with existing packages or with their own designs. Our software has a design feature that supports the existing operation of the enterprises, without any damage. Of course the software does not mandate its own output templates. Instead of new outputs forms, the software uses existing Excel forms of your enterprise for output. The only difference is that these forms are filled in and saved by the software, not you. We produced a neat solution that transfers the data in the software to the relevant cell in Excel with simple packages defined by you. Ekasis Easy Form software offers a paperless office by providing an adequate document management system. Revisions, publication, distribution and collection of documents are recorded. It is possible to add authorization for the access to the file management system. The operations made are recorded in log files. Attachments outside the file management system can also be stored for each record. You can attach files and emails received in Outlook to your records by drag and drop. You can fill your existing Excel forms with the packages you define, and save them as attachments to the relevant records. Record Attachments If desired, attachments outside the document management system can be attached to the records of the data sets in the Ekasis Easy Form software. Although these are part of the document management system, they are associated with the relevant records. The tool seen on the right of the picture above shows the files added to the selected record. These can be the error pictures, photos, reports, notes, or incoming or outgoing emails related to that record. You can add emails with drag-and-drop from Outlook
Price USD 200
License Free to try
File Size 7.04 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 2003 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows XP
System Requirements None