Cash Counter - Small Office Tools

Cash Counter strides to help small business managers, retailers, cashiers or check-out personnel to balance their cash registers. Simply count each denomination in your till and enter it into this program to see whether your till is balanced or not. Special features: (1) Remembers all previous cash counts for future reference. (2) Allows to specify Petty Cash items currently taken out of the till. (3) Provides on-screen and printable reports of the current cash count, as well as the previous ones. (4) Designed for multi-user application, so each count can have a person associated with it. (5) Supports multiple currencies world-wide. (6) Allows to customize currency denominations for your specific needs. (7) We're striving to provide a multi-language interface as well. (8) We designed this software having a hands-on experience in running a small business. (9) Besides that, we also use the Cash Counter in our own office, so you're guaranteed fresh ideas and timely updates.
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