Xavor Sharepoint Admin Tool

SharePoint Admin tool is a Web based tool that can give any site administrator "one click" access to a set of useful administrative tools. This tool can give the administrator the options to: check access of any security principle on any securable object inside SharePoint like SP Web, SP Site, SP List, SP list item. See some general info about a SharePoint site like its accumulative size, site template, total list count. Add a Web part to all sites in the hierarchy. Bulk modify the Navigation links. SharePoint Admins will automatically access to its various functions through action menu whose icon will be available on top right of the SharePoint site. Only Administrators will be able to access it. Through Action menu, SP Admin can access various tools like: user security, group security, list information, Web information. There is option available to view security in all securable objects of the site like lists and list items. Show Group Security This functionality will allow the site administrator to view the access rights of a SharePoint group on all securable objects on the site. There is option available for excluding sub-objects in the search which will also speedup the query results. Show List Information This functionality will help the SharePoint administrator in finding out basic information about the target list like total size, template etc. This information can be usefull for the administrator for different reasons. Show Site Information This functionality will help the administrator in finding out basic information about the site like total size of entire site hierarchy, total lists, site templates.
File Size2.52 MB
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows 2003 Windows
System RequirementsWindows SharePoint Services 3.0