CoWeekly is a simple and powerful, point and click Employee Self-Scheduling Program, designed for small businesses. It now allows the scheduling of up to 60 employees over 8-week periods and can be licensed for 10, 20, 30, or 60 employees. The Administrator controls the week(s) and shift(s) that can be scheduled, as well as, which employees can schedule their own hours. Employees can login to schedule their hours, request time off by day(s) and/or shift(s), designate their preferred shift hours by the day of the week, and view a summary of their hours and gross pay (including over-time) for scheduled weeks. They can also print an 8 week 1-page summary of their scheduled hours and time off. CoWeekly allows 2 different weekly setup schemes, each with separate weekday and weekend shift schedules. Weekday and weekend schedules are set by the administrator and can contain up to 5 shifts per day. The Administrator chooses which scheme is used for each of the 8 week schedules. The weekly schedules can be easily printed, copied, moved, cleared, shuffled, and backed-up. Several reports of employee weekly hours and gross pay are also available to the Administrator. Any day can be selected to easily show which employees are scheduled for that day.
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