Program AGA-3 will size orifice plates for given design conditions, find pressure drop for a given flow, or flow for a given pressure drop. The API-2530 -1991 standard (AGA-3) is originally designed for gas orifices. In this programs the standard is also used for liquid orifices. The program lets you calculate the following orifice-types: Gas Orifice; Liquid Orifice; Restriction Orifice - Gas; Restriction Orifice - Liquid. The program can be used to calculate size, flowrate or pressure drop of the following fluids: Gases: Natural gas, Nitrogen, Air; Liquids: Oil, Water, Methanol/Water mixtures, Monoethylene glycol/Water mixtures, Diethylene glycol/Water mixtures, Triethylene glycol/Water mixtures.
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