Addintools Assist for Microsoft Excel

Supports Microsoft Office/Excel 2007 now! Convert data between Date, Numeric, and Text formats. Microsoft Office Marketplace logo Fast, smart, and safe to work with. Recognize more than ten date formats including: 12/31/2006, 2006-12-31, 2006.12.31... Recognize more than 36 numeric formats with the ability to convert text to numbers including: '123.45, (1.23)E2, (1) 1/3 ... Recognize all formats and convert them to text: August 3, 2004, 08/03/2004 00:00:00, 12345678.90%, US$123,456.79, 1.23E+05 ... Safely Merge Cells with a Smart Unmerge. View invalid data types in cells using color coding, seek Invalid Data Types Quickly! View invalid lock/unlock state in sheets and books by colors, design Protected Worksheets Efficiently!
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Operating System Windows 98 Windows Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 3.x Windows Me Windows Vista Windows 2003