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In excel transposing can be done by the commands copy/paste special-transpose. Even more rows can be transposed but if we want to transpose each rows of a table, one by one, we have to repeat this operation as many times as many rows we have. The automatic transposing is a complex (written) procedure, that enables the view of the excel sheets row by row in a transposed way (in another sheet). The search in excel is also possible with the integrated find command. There is also a solution for the collection of the search results. On the other hand we do not use the search only to find a special data, but in many cases we need the content of the row of the searched data. We can review a row more easily if we transpose it. The automatic search function collects the hits to a list. Clicking on any of the hits from the list, the whole row of the data will appear transposed. Also with a simple click we can easily move between the search results. Version GEF_FDR-1.1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
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