FogBugz is a complete project management system for software teams. Designed by Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software fame, FogBugz helps you make better software by tracking, prioritizing, and coordinating the thousands of small tasks a development team has to do. FogBugz is web based, so everyone on the team always sees the whole picture. Feature requests, customer email, bugs, even high level design discussions are instantly searchable and trackable. The best way to improve your product is to listen to your customers. So FogBugz handles all your customer email, with advanced spam filtering and automatic email sorting. It lets you build simple, spam-proof online discussion groups: public forums for customer service and private forums for your own team. Project management software doesn�t work unless it gets used, so FogBugz is full of features designed to make people use it. From our exclusive screenshot feature, allowing you to enter a screenshot as a bug with two mouse clicks, to the simple bug entry page with no required fields, we�ve designed every aspect of FogBugz to make people want to use it. Unlike high-ceremony bug tracking packages with dozens of fields, FogBugz makes it easy to enter and track the thousands of tiny bugs and design issues so they won�t get lost.
Price USD 129
License Purchase
Version 4.0.31
Operating System Webware
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003