Are you looking for ways to dramatically reduce the time and effort you invest into client organization? Are you tired of manually managing your clients, products and orders? Introducing I-Client - THE innovative solution for the time-consuming task of manually organizing your client base. Our company has developed a revolutionary desktop application called I-Client. I-Client was designed BY Developers FOR Developers. We are convinced that your use with I-Client will not only contribute to your business but also give us with the ability to create a solution that fully assesses all your needs. How can I-Client help your business? I-Client manages the connection between the four components of the value chain: The developer The product The customer And the trade arena - the Internet How does I-Client work? I-Client obtains the sales and client records from the sales sites, sends relevant emails to your customers, and functions as a reportable and reliable client database. How will I-Client enhance your business's success? I-Client SAVES TIME AND WORK Automatically assigns registration codes and emails them to new clients Allows you to easily manage delivery of version upgrades and bug fixes Has a user- friendly and logical user interface I-Client TELLS YOU WHO YOUR CLIENTS ARE Allows you to track and report on client related data Helps you identify client segments and trends Enables you to automatically email commercial offers, newsletters, promotional material and lots more to relevant clients I-Client PUTS YOUR CLIENTS FIRST Powers you with an ability to provide your clients with prompt and improved service and support I-Client INFORMS YOU OF YOUR REVENUES STATUS Provides a clear view of the REVENUES generated from different products, services, and client segments
Operating System Windows XP Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows Windows 98
System Requirements
  • Windows 98 and up