BusinessMind for Jewelers

BusinessMind is the most powerful business software solution for jewelers in the world. It's intuitive, easy to use design brings intelligent, logical organization to the process of running your business whether it is in Retail, Wholesale, or Manufacturing. BusinessMind can automatically handle the day to day details; it supports a large number of users, automates processes, and increases productivity. No other solution offers broader platform support than BusinessMind. BusinessMind is flexible enough to meet the demands of the diverse business requirements of the Gem & Jewelry Trade, and is smart enough to adapt to changing environments making even the most complex business operations easy to handle. BusinessMind will meet your needs, regardless of your company's size. Our entry level edition is packed with the most important basic features, and provides an easy and affordable way to get started on a single computer. Our advanced editions deliver the full power of BusinessMind for larger companies. No matter what package you choose, BusinessMind will grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of your company. To find out more about the features and functions of the different editions of BusinessMind, please click on the Download link to take you to our company website.
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