Progect Manager

Progect Manager is a project management tool. Why a "g" in Progect? Because in french, "g" has the same pronounciation as "j", and it's a GPL application.Features:Multiple projects managementCreate a task/subtaskDelete a task/subtaskModify a taskMove a taskUp and down (in the same level)Left and right (changes the level)Expand/collapse one/all task(s)Change the progress statusAuto-update of the progress bar of the parent tasksTwo style of progress statusPercentageCheckboxChange the due dateCheck the dateChoose a priority (or no priority)Subtree viewing, editing and navigatingSave your project at hotsyncRestore application state when coming back from another applicationCut, Copy, Paste branchesNote for each taskFlat view with filterToDo syncronization
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 61.52 kB
Version 0.23
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm III
  • Palm OS 3.0