RAStik's objective is to aid the RAS in generating Plan Review Reports; Generating Inspection Reports; Keeping track of due dates as mentioned in RAS Procedures;(Beta Automatically filling in the standard forms and letters required by the RAS); Maintaining a chronological record for every project required by the TDLR. The aforesaid are the core objectives\functionality of this application. Save effort required by the RAS for remembering due dates for projects as directed by TDLR. For example, if the RAS logs a "Plan Review Completed" after completing a Plan Review for a particular project, the application will auto generate reminders for mailing the Plan Review Report to the TDLR along with a Project Status Update within 14 days of the completion of the Plan Review. Beta: These reminders will be sent as Outlook reminders OR auto generated emails OR custom designed reminders and will contain the due date, the required action before the due date, the name and project number of the project under question. This can be of significant advantage when an RAS is involved with several projectse
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System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2.0