This is a free utility that helps keep track of time spent on documents for various tasks/projects while working on the computer. It works on a very simple principle: You create a timer and provide it with a keyword (or a list of keywords) to sniff/detect. As such, each time you work on a document whose titlebar contains that keyword the corresponding timer will start counting.For example you can create a timer and have it sniff the keyword "Firefox" and this will keep track of time you spend using Mozilla Firefox. If your work is organized so that each project you work on has a docket number (or a database serial) appearing in the filename of each related document, then if you create a timer to sniff that serial you essentially keep track of time spent on that project. Each timer has its own history depth (for each day the corresponding timer was active). Version 20080621 has minor bug fixes; Added option to clear Timestamp path in the edit window; Prevent multiple concurrent instances of the app; Minor UI tweaks.
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