TrackNPlan is not a real project management software, but more a tool made to follow up different tasks from a high level point of view. It is made to bundle in one set of consistent files all documents associated to the tasks that are managed in the interface. Basically this tool provides a window interface allowing to manage a tree of operations with some details associated to each operation which can be of three kinds: hardcoded details (like the state of the operation, its price), a rich text containing the report relevant to this operation, some attached files. The first processing done by this tool is the dynamic aggregation of all subnodes data into the parent ones so that top level nodes are the result of the computation of all the data of each sub operations underneath. The output is a tree of directories on the filesystem with one XML file and one RTF file per operation. This version is the first release on CNET
File Size767.03 kB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows Vista
System RequirementsWindows XP/Vista