Schedule Random Shifts For Your Volunteers

Automatically create random shift or task schedules for 100 people for a month. Up to 10 daily shifts or tasks can be scheduled with up to 5 people per shift. Employee preferences and qualifications are used to assure only qualified people are assigned to each shift or task. Great for situations where each person takes turns performing extra duties and receives only a few assignments per month. Program uses assignment history to assure a fair and even distribution of assignments. Up to 10 vacation (or otherwise unavailable) periods can be specified for each person and assignments will not be made on days. The program allows you to make manual adjustments to the schedule to accommodate special circumstances such as team scheduling and other special needs. Monthly calendars are created along with a file that can be electronically transferred to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar as well as your PDA or Smartphone. Spreadsheets available for 25 to 200 volunteers and 5 to 20 shifts.Version 3.92 switched to an annual license.
LicenseFree to try
File Size4.5 MB
Operating System Windows Server 2008 Windows Vista Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows Me Windows 95 Windows 7 Windows 2003 Windows Windows XP Windows 98
System RequirementsMicrosoft Excel 2000