Projetex 3D

Projetex 3D ensures effective translation project management. More than 1000 translation agencies around the world use and trust Projetex. It provides value for every teammate and makes business processes go smoothly. Projetex 3D allows to create the perfect client database. Capture all vital info about your customers in one place: contacts, project managers, files, projects, assignments, marketing information, prices, quotes, invoices, and payments. Maintain consistency in pricing through the Client Price List - General Prices, and be flexible at the same time when setting different prices to different clients with the Client Price List - Custom Prices. Take advantage of the comprehensive project structure. Tree-like view of projects showing both corporate and freelance jobs, which correspond to each client job. A clear distinction between corporate and freelance jobs helps you never get confused because of large numbers of jobs, files, and instructions. Count with AnyCount, the most accurate text-count engine. Using the built-in version of AnyCount, you can count words, characters, and lines in 37 file formats. It estimates accurately and quickly, taking into account hidden text, comments, running headers and footers and embedded and linked documents. Manage freelance experts effectively with the Freelance experts module. Keep all data that is relevant to your job at your fingertips. Create and continuously enhance a shared database of freelance experts. Use general rates for freelancers for reference purposes and to serve as guidelines for acceptable prices for your projects. For your convenience, Projetex displays the timescales of your projects and translation jobs in Gantt charts. This will help you to control a large number of projects and ensure they're completed on schedule. Configure custom user-defined fields and variables to meet the specific needs of your translation agency. Customize corporate workflow documents: job assignments, purchase orders, invoices, and quotes are saved in RTF files using fully customizable templates.
Price USD 1995
License Free to try
File Size 437.11 MB
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows 7
System Requirements Projetex Server