Sick and vacation time may be accrued automatically for each employee, and accruals may be based on months of service to a company, hours worked per week, or one accrual for all employees. Fiscal years may be based on individual employees' hire dates or one 12-month period for all employees. At the end of a current fiscal year, any unused time may be rolled over to the next fiscal year or transferred to another category if desired. Up to 12 items of data may be entered on each employee, and the number of employees and databases is virtually unlimited (limited only by the target machine). A comprehensive checks and balances determine if there is sufficient time to fulfill the leave request. There are 16 predefined leave types, including compensatory and FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) time. There is also a sick pool whereby employees can borrow sick time after they have run out. Plus a whole lot more. Please visit website for more info.
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