Touchshow Powerpoint Player

People meet many problems in playing powerpoint on mobile phone. Videos are often missing or unsupported. Slide layout might be changed and characters overlapped. If we share it on web, people might modify it or access it unauthorized. Touchshow PPT is aiming at resolve those problems and help you to show and distribute your work. Touchshow Powerpoint Player is the part running on mobile part. It is a very cool application to play transcoded ppt files on android with almost all the interactive feature, such as transition effect, hyperlink, flash animation, audio, video. During the presentation, you can rotate and scale pictures, make comments, and do many things that help to make your presentation impressive. If your device supports HDMI/MHL, the screen can be projected to big screen. Touchshow supports keyboard/mouse control so that users are free walking and control the pad/phone with a wireless keyboard or mouse during the presentation. Furthermore, Touchshow introduce AS3 script to do more than presentation. It can prevent your file from unauthorized reading. It can update your content with latest web information each time user open it, which makes it even a information publishing tool. And so on. You could do these only by hyperlinking as3 coded swf. We also provide secondary developing service on request. BTW, before that, you need to download and install Touchshow Converter on your PC in order to convert Powerpoint files to 'wtppt' file.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 840 kB
Version 8.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 4.0 and above