RealShow coordinates webcam video of the presenter with the PowerPoint presentation and saves the record as a single and compressed video file in WMV, AVI, FLV, or SWF format. Presenters can easily make video available via the Internet or even upload it to YouTube and blogs. Recording video tutorials and presentations is not a new idea. Tutorials, lectures and presentation can be recorded and used later for class revision, knowledge sharing, and distance education purposes. The new is the very simple interface and tool that help presenters to integrate their valuable slides, freehand typing and drawing, and video narration in one single piece of video.RealShow was designed to help educators and business presenters apply principles for the design of multimedia materials and human cognitive processing in delivering their PowerPoint slides. RealShow takes advantage of the dual-channel structure of the human information processing system by means of text, pictures and audio. It can promote active cognitive processing by allowing the presenter to guide the processes of selecting, organizing, and integrating information. RealShow gives visual aids and fosters human contact between the presenter and the audience. The presenter can clearly identify the main points and communicate in a way that will have the desired impact on the audience through texts, illustrations, slides, and visual presence of the presenter.
File Size7.3 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows XP
System RequirementsDirectX 9.0 or later