myCard has two simple methods to quickly and securely share your contact information. Beam myCard Used when the receiving device has myCard installed. Email myCard (using vCard) Delivers your card as an industry-standard vCard to anyone who does not have myCard (or even an iPhone). myCard features you choose which card to beam and it will remember the last card you sent, iPhones can use this anywhere on the cellular network without WiFi, select which parts of your card to beam with a simple tap, choose your own skin to personalize the application, secure and simple pass-code interface to protect your information during the transfer, seamless integration with the standard Contacts app interface makes myCard familiar and easy to use,and card can include any photo or image attached to your contact card, preview and approve before sending.
File Size488.28 kB
Operating System iOS iPhone OS 2.x
System RequirementsRequires iPhone OS 2.0