One of the features lacking in the new Skype 3.0 Client is the ability to import contacts from your Yahoo address book. If you have tens or hundreds of Yahoo or Palm contacts it could take hours to manually enter those new contacts into Skype, one popup at a time. Moreover, there is a risk of mistyping a few telephone numbers. This tool provides the solution. It can convert hundreds of contacts in less than a second, it automatically creates a cell, home, and work phone for each contact, and appends the +1 country code prefix. This tool is also great for Skype-enabled hardware devices such as Wifi phones and Bluetooth phones. Entering and storing 50+ contacts via the phone's keypad would be ridiculous. Use this tool and all your Yahoo contacts will show up across all Skype hardware and software instantly and simultaneously. Perfect for those who do a lot of SkypeOut calling.
License Free
File Size 591.13 kB
Version 1.1
Operating System Windows XP Windows Me Windows 2000 Windows NT Windows
System Requirements Windows Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server