On the Ball is a task management tool that is designed for users who work under very stressful and high pressure office conditions with constantly changing priorities, frequent interruptions and with a need to juggle and track perhaps 40-50 tasks and projects at the same time. On the Ball is extremely fast to work with and by awarding points for performance and good time management it also turns your to do list into a game. The work of each day is divided into four periods, a Morning, a Mid-Day, an Afternoon and an Evening period. Your attention is purely on what you are doing right now. Your tasks are usually quite small, 5-15 minutes and it is this finer granularity that distinguishes OTB from most other calendar, to-do list and reminder software. By taking both small and large tasks and putting them all on the ball, your mind will be able to focus more on executing tasks rather than trying to remember them. Optional: you may also try On the Ball Professional Edition.
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