The Viapoint product is intended to organize resources for the desktop user so that they can get their work done. The tools are adapters to desktop applications and internet resources that do work to synthesize virtual folders of common themes of people, companies, and business relationships. An example is that Viapoint can be used to organize information about partnerships by first tracking everything about each partner company (contacts, email correspondences, chats, RSS feeds of relevant content, etc.) and then including that company into a larger virtual folder for "partnerships" along with other partner companies. This would also be done for competitors, customers, prospects, support requests, friends, family, alumni from old jobs, etc. Viapoint does a lot of this filing for the user by automatically building the core virtual folders for people and companies and providing utilities to merge contacts (maybe the same person uses two emails or has known the user in a prior capacity) as well as the monitoring listeners that grab the files, emails, chats, RSS data as they are created. The benefit is that it allows users to connect a lot of data stored in silos on their desktop or in enterprise applications in a usable workspace. Version 1.4.608 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
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