Dream Docs

Using Dream Docs, you will be able to practice simple estate planning and add an additional revenue stream to your practice. Dream Docs is an online legal software (SAAS) program which makes it simple, quick and easy to add estate planning to your law practice. We start with forms and documents which have been used for 14 years by an estate planning attorney. This particular attorney sets up 120 to 150 living trusts per year for his clients Attorneys using the system download the Estate Planning Information Sheet, record the necessary information from their clients and enter the information into the database. The user then selects the type of document package from the three available types - Simple Single, Simple Couple and Simple Double (Simple AB Disclaimer Trust). Dream Docs will also prepare Trust Quitclaim Deeds. These three basic document packages will allow estate planning attorneys to practice comfortably within the following parameters: 1) Single clients with assets under 3.5 million dollars. 2) Married couples with assets under 7.0 million dollars. Version 1.022 adds Attorneys email to Admin page; a create account button on the Login form.
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