DTSMS (Random Drug Testing Software)

Random Drug Testing Software (DTSMS). Provide the ability to track data entry staff that access and/or modify data transaction audit trail that automatically assigns and records a) date the record was entered into the system b) date the record was changed (assure that log is not overwritten) and c) identification of person entering or changing the record. System must be able to generate and maintain a unique identifier for each client. Fully Complies. Vendor provided database and software resources to store, manage and protect a projected volume of thousands of drug testing records. Fully Complies. The System and interfaces, if applicable, must contain HIPAA compliant security to protect content, user, and protected health information data. This security system must maintain a secure set of user privileges, which determine permission levels that users need to control, manage and update content. Fully Complies. Must allow for different county agencies to utilize the same software with the ability to provide random drug testing support to multiple agencies/groups and the ability to configure each agency independently. Would prefer this be within one occurrence (license) of the solution. Fully Complies. Must allow for data import to reflect changes in employees or employee status (i.e. Telestaff, Advantage HR, spreadsheet). Fully Complies. Should Allow for automated update of test results. Fully Complies. Must allow for random selection of an exact number of employees or by a percent of the available employee pool. Fully Complies.
Price USD 199
License Free to try
File Size 88.26 MB
Version 5.0
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None