Sometimes there's nothing as inspiring as a project begun, with that fresh blank sheet of paper, and a mind full of details for your latest idea. So you rough out a general outline, and as you go some parts of the outline gain more depth and seem to grown on their own. Interesting dialogue springs to mind and you jot it down, as quickly as possible because these ideas are good, and you want to commit them to paper before you lose them. Eventually "Whew!", you've successfully written down the session, seemingly to have exhausted the initial possibilities. Then you read it over to see how it feels. The same process is likley to happen all over again. Gaps begin to fill themselves in and extended details spring to mind. Sometimes these simnple beginnings, like starting with a blank sheet of paper, can be the most exciting part of your writing. So how do you capture that same energy over and over, till your story or article is complete? That's where eXpertSystem's eXpertMuse comes in. eXpertMuse is like a creative writing center or hub. You have access to idea triggers through eXpertLingo, (words, phrases, images). You have an idea collection area where you can save ideas and snippets of info, re-arrange them, and edit. And then you have the one single most important tool in the eXpertSystem Writing Center: the eXpertTopic Questions. Just as a Psychoanalyst can draw out your innermost emotions and feelings, eXpertTopic Question Sets can draw out the innermost creativity you have hidden away and just begging to be invited out to play.
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