Blade Vampire Hunter Wallpaper HD Collection

Are you looking for some great backgrounds for your phone? We have several different categories to choose from for Blade Vampire Hunter fans! App divides the wallpapers into three sections; new additions to the app, complete list of Blade wallpapers, and then categorized wallpapers. These wallpapers are handpicked to make it easier for you and also includes a search feature to help with finding cool and awesome wallpapers.Love to have a new and different wallpaper every day? Updates will be made frequently, and there are so many to choose from! The favorites feature allows you keep those cool and awesome wallpapers for another day and with a couple of taps, you can have a fresh new look on your phone. This wallpaper app will be updated to add more content for you to use to give best experience possible. All images, backgrounds, and wallpapers all revolve around " Blade" and all other associated content. They are of handpicked and good quality that to make it easier for you. There is a search feature in this android wallpaper app to make it easy to finding the awesome photo you want so you dont have to search through millions of photos.Download this wall paper app and give it a try, I am sure you will love it! If you want particular content added, just message me and I will add it!Check out all the cool features... Remember, every wallpaper has been handpicked so only the best HD and other quality wallpapers make it on to the app.Share images with friends on Reddit, Imgur, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, ectView the latest wallpapers that have been added.New wallpapers are added each month.Categorized backgrounds help you find new wallpapers quickly.Save your favorite wallpapers as you browse.Automatically crops and sizes images to best fit your device. Many are already fully cropped for smart phones.Full support for landscape mode.Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices.Optimized battery usage!Fully supports horizontal orientationOptimized battery usageSet as Wallpaper or Lock ScreenShare and Save your favorite wallpapers with your friends.This app can also zoom in or out of your view wantFully supports horizontal orientationBest looking mood desktop wallpaperThis is wallpaper app was made to as minimally intrusive as possible, the only Permissions are needed to show advertisements and set the wallpaper, that is it! This app is non-intrusive and will not ask for any other permissions on your phone, I mean who likes getting bugged with all of these random permission requests? This keeps the app free to download and allows for the development of more cool features and other wall paper apps! As with all wallpaper apps, it needs to download image data when you are browsing if you want to set an image to background or just download it.This wallpaper app centers on Blade and the overall Blade Vampire Universe and has been made by a fan. Blade is a great anti hero and what part of one of the very first super hero movies to be released. Blade also has his own comic line dedicated to his story. These Blade wallpapers also cover the areas of of his origin story, the vampire organizations, Blade 1, and Blade 2 movies.These wallpapers are in the sci fi wallpaper category, but are also considered android wallpapers, great wallpapers, cool wallpapers, and even awesome wallpapers. If you see or have any issues or requests, please let me know and I will take care of it.This app covers Blade, Vampire wallpapers, Vampire Hunter Wallpapers, Vampire Hunter wallpaper, Blade vampire hunter, Blade Day Walker, Blade wallpapers, Blade wallpaper, Blade movie wallpapers, Blade 1, Blade 2, Blade II, Blade 3, Blade comics, Blade comic wallpapers, action wallpapers, comic wallpapers, cartoon wallpapers, cool wallpapers, Best Wallpapers, awesome wallpapers.
License Free
Version Initial Release
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up