Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen

A single flower is placed on the stairs in front of your house. It is the loveliest romantic surprise and you wonder who is behind it because there is no note. Download free the newest Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen app and find the best possible way to secure your phone from pocket calling. It can be very embarrassing if someone eavesdrop on everything you say. Now turn the vibration on and it will warn you each time your device tries to unlock itself. The coolest zipper locker for screen will take you into floral world. Look the back of your house and be startled with what you view. It can be amazing photo so decorate your smartphone with it. The stone walls are covered with shining green leaves of the climbing plant embellished with fragile buds. Enter your name in the upper corner with the best Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen and share this picture with everyone or set it as the foreground. It does not have to be the same as the background. It can be different so open up the gallery and choose your own photo and tap preview to see if it suits your needs. The popular zipper locker for screen offers you the option to change it and choose one from the latest collection we have created exclusively for you. Pull down the hook of the magnificent purple gemstone or heart to unlock your phone. Also you can change the color of the chain and pick the one from the pain palette. With the top Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen you will have the opportunity to watch transparent vases lined on the wooden board. Unzip the picture of them to unlock your smartphone and enjoy the most delicate flowers.In the Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen app, you can:- Adjust the foreground and the background so that it suits your taste- Choose the zipper you like and change the color of the chain- Set the name and define its color and font- Select cool font type for time and dateGet the popular Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen and enjoy the most attractive photos that will decorate your smartphone in the fantastic way. It is designed and developed for people of all ages and it will entertain you magnificently. The installation process is quick and easy and once it is done the magic begins. Enjoy the magnificent picture while this top Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen loads. Browse through the best photos and select the one you like the most as the foreground for your phone. You can use the same one for the background or open up your gallery and set the photograph you have taken. This zipper locker for screen is the newest way to secure your smartphone. You will never again worry whether it will make another call while it is in your pocket and save yourself from potential embarrassment. Pull down the hook to unlock the screen and use your device. One of the key features is the one which enables you to change the zipper and the color of the chain. You can also track the battery status. What is important and what will impress you the most is the fact that you can set the name which will appear on the top of your screen. Create the original one or use your own. Moreover you can use one of the cool fonts that we have designed exclusively for you. A huge smile will appear on your face when you realize that there is the option that will enable you to turn off or on time and date. Enhance your phone and download free the latest Pink Rose Zipper Lock Screen application by one single touch.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.8
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.2 and up