Amazing Cube Live Wallpaper Lite

This Amazing Cube Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3d cube showing pictures and photos from your gallery. In this 3D cube live wallpaper has two cube that is inner cube and outer cube you can manually set the images in both cube and different pictures on each side, and can change the size, position and rotation of the 3d cube and can add many special effects on cube imagesDIY Cube Live WallpaperIt is the best photo cube live wallpaper, better than pip and instaFollowing Effects are in this incredible 3D cube Live wallpaper.1.Neon Effect2.Gray Effect3.Oil Effect4.Relief Effect5.Sharpen6.Average Blur Effect7.Pixelate Effect8.Old TV9.Invert Color effect10.Aged Effect11.Light Effect12.HDR Effect13.Soft Glow Effect14.Sketch Effect15.Gotham EffectAnd many more effects are coming soon in this beautiful amazing 3D cube live wallpaperChoose the inner cube or outer cube, and apply the special effect and see preview.You can rotate cube by swiping through your home screens - scene will change its rotation according to touches.Choose the best shape and style like heart shape, circle shape ,Square ,Hexagon shape and show this wonderful 3d cube to your loveable one. And share this incredible app by whatsapp, facebook and social sites .Once installed, on the home screen choose Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers, then select Amazing Cube Live Wallpaper from the list shown. Click on the Settings button to change options on your 3D cube, or use the Amazing Cube Live Wallpaper Settings app.Random ColorsNew Amazing Cube Live wallpaper has come with many color options like1. Special Red2. Special Green3. Special Blue4. Many Beautiful colors with high illuminanceThemesNew Amazing Cube Live wallpaper has come with many Theme options like1. Nature Theme Wallpaper2. Neon Animal Theme Wallpaper3. Butterfly Theme Wallpaper4. Diamond Theme Wallpaper5. Neon Rose Theme Wallpaper6. Fireworks Theme Wallpaper7. Neon Flower Theme Wallpaper8. Spring Theme Wallpaper9. Unicorn Theme Wallpaper10.Panda Theme WallpaperFeatures1.You can manually change the both inner cube and outer cube images from your gallery2.You can enabled or disabled the transparency of both cubes.3.You can even enable or disabled the rotation of cube.4.You can adjust the size of the 3D cube.5.You can set any shape and style on both cube such as Heart shape, Square ,circle and many more.6.You can even increase/decrease the speed of vertical and horizontal axis of 3D cube.7.You can increase or decrease brightness of cube.8.You can apply special effect on both cube images and can see preview.9.You can manually set the border of both cube images.10.You can enable or disable cube moment.11.Inside setting has preview option so you can see instant changes whatever you make in this 3d cube live wallpaper.12.The Most different feature of amazing cube LWP is usage of battery is like nothing , Yes we have already tested in almost every device.13.You can change language according to you from app setting.14. Screenshot feature added15. You can share screenshot in social networking like facebook, whatsapp, instagramUse This Amazing 3D cube live wallpaper and show your status and standard in front of your friends and family and put your friends and family pic in this 3D cube , We sure you defiantly feel awesome after use this beautiful appWon't slow your phone down at all, and battery use like nothing.This Cube Live Wallpaper has many language you can choose according to you, And please support for translation This will very honorable and glorious for usMail us in this given Mail Id -
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 20.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up