Mood Scanner Prank

Find out how you are feeling today, at this very moment.*** UPDATE - Love Scanner. Find love match between you & fiancee or significant other ***Now place your thumb and your loved one's thumb in the boxes mentioned and find the match.Mood scanner makes it super easy to guess/find your true mood instantly. Just scan your finger in this mood scanner app. Put your finger on the scanning area on phone, hold for couple of seconds while the app scans your finger print. You'll feel vibration while app starts scanning for your mood.After couple of seconds, remove your finger from the screen and the app will tell you your mood.Mood scanner is sensitive to your feelings. If your mood is sad or depressed, it tries to enlighten your mood by sharing some funny joke with you. Which other mood scanner does that?If you are already feeling good, happy, then it makes you feel even better by sharing something really cool with you. This is really the most unique feature of mood scanner.In the latest update we also have implemented emojis.Fun, right? So what are you waiting for. Just download the mood scanner, and start scanning your mood & your friends' moods as well, instantly.Love calculator let's you calculate your love with your loved ones.Please note that mood scanner app is a prank app. It does not convey your real mood. It is in fact a fun app which makes your day by surprising yourself with your own moods :-)Do try it out on your friends and pull their legs with this mood scanner app.Mood Scanner Features- Vibration during the scanning- Cool interface- Lot of different moods to guess from!- Love scanner - find your love match- It makes you feel better by telling some jokeHow to use Mood Scanner:Place your thumb on the rectangular box.You will start feeling vibration.After 5 seconds of scanning, the app tells you your mood.How to use Love Scanner or Meter:Place your thumb and the other person's thumb in the two rectangular boxes.You both will start feeling vibrations.Keep the thumbs placed for 5 seconds, after that the app tells you the % of match.Use love calculator to check your match with your fiancee/significant others.You can use love scanner to find your valentine as well.Download and enjoy this Mood Scanner, Love Scanner totally free!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 3.0 and up