Pixel Experience Dark Theme for LG V40

Welcome to the dark side!!! See bottom of description for Light Notification Patches!!!No computers, no additional apps to apply it, no worrying about what to do if you reboot your phone!This is Pixel Experience, an LG Home+ theme for your LG V40 running Oreo only!!! This theme is a premium quality theme like no other Home theme+. What you see is what you get and that is quality and attention to details! Unlike any other Home theme+ you will get some third party additions!No need to run a third party theme system any more, just use the system theme chooser and you can enjoy all the benefits of an advanced theme system.This theme has unlocked features that were previously locked on some devices. Features such as swipe right on home screen to activate Google now! Adaptive and dynamic icons are retained as well as the ability to choose more icon shape options! I do recommend that you select the circular icon shapes as it seems to jive nicely with the theme.This theme includes mostly stock iconography but if you'd like to have that true pixel experience just use the rootless pixel 3 launcher or nova, etc! This was intentionally done to allow those who prefer the stock icons to have that choice.Since this theme pushes the boundaries of the LG Theme system it retains adaptive and dynamic icons on stock launcher. Due to this you will have to select your navbar color in settings, display, home touch buttons. By default it may show you have selected the dark option, but the navbar may still be white. Simply select the white and then select the dark one again and you should be set. It's a bit odd but that's just how it has to work. Unfortunately there is one app that does not show the navbar as being dark which is the LG Music app. it demands to stay white due to this.To apply the theme simply go into settings/display and select themes. From there select Pixel Experience Dark, and push apply! You will notice on the first preview it has a banner on it telling you to reboot after applying the theme! That is to allow the notifications to look as advertised. For whatever reason the device needs a reboot to fully take effect.That's it! Simple, easy and quick.Please note that refunds will not be given for installations on non LG V40 Devices. As the title of the theme clearly indicates which device this is for.This theme is also meant to run at the highest resolution. Lowering your screen resolution may cause some elements to not look right. If you encounter that, simply increase your screen resolution.If you run into any issues please send me an email directly instead of leaving a poor rating. Often I am very quick to reply (unless I'm sleeping and you're in a different time zone) and great to solve any issues. The review system is not meant to be a support channel!Quick tip... Search and install the app "Quick Shortcut Maker" on google play. Install, then long press on your home screen and select the 1x1 quick shortcut maker widget and drag it on your home screen. Then in the activities tab, scroll down until you see "wallpaper & themes" and expand it. then touch the first option at the top of the list that doesn't have and upwards arrow. Then hit the "Create" button at the bottom and now you have a themes app shortcut you can place on your desktop!!!Thank you for your support and enjoy theme!!!For those who experience readability from some third party apps I have made optional patches for this. Some third party apps force black text on notifications which cannot be adjusted so for those who have issues with this I have a patch fix. Please see this thread and post for instructions on how to apply it. It takes only about 2 minutes at most to apply. https://forum.xda-developers.com/lg-v40/themes/mark-bencze-premium-themes-support-t3874832/post78322673#post78322673
Price USD 1.49
License Purchase
Version 1.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None